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  The KneadinBread
    Home-Delivery Service

Our Mission at is to supply the Utah Valley with Super Healthy Fresh Bread less than 24-hours after being baked. Thus, prolonging the shelf-life of the bread in your home.

Also to promote NEW locally produced Utah Valley food products.

Get your home-delivery direct from young men and young women in your local area.

Most of our delivery representatives are young men and young women preparing to serve an LDS mission. They deliver the locally produced products to the homes of our clients...weekly.

 If one of our young men or young women have not contacted you about ordering please give us a call or text (801) 400-4162, so we can hire someone in your area.

We pay the pre-missionary young men and young women the same money that would have gone to the big supermarket. But instead, now goes to help them save for their missions.

Bottom-Line: When you buy your regular loaves of bread and other products from us, you are supporting a young man or young woman for going on a mission and serving the Lord Jesus Christ...The Bread of Life.

THAT is a bread worth eating.


(Call us to get special pricing for using KneadinBread for Sacrament Service Bread)

Get Your Loaves of Freshly Baked Kneadin Bread

Locally Baked and Delivered in Less than 24-Hours of Baking. It Doesn't Get More 'Fresh' Than That.


You Can Buy Your Fresh Loaves of Kneadin Bread at these Fine Stores.


Buy Direct From the Baker for LESS...AND it's Delivered Right to Your Door Each Week.

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

The nutritious & sweet together make this bread a favorite for the health conscious with children. No high fructose corn syrup. Only 100% clover honey from a real bee hive. Enjoy the blend of health and quality sweetness.

Pick up 2-3 loaves a week for your kids – Here

How Many Loaves?
Type of Bread

Yummy White Bread

The family favorite.

Our delicious recipe is unique. Unlike those whimpy white breads out there….this white bread is strong and holds up to the thick peanut butter knife.

Your kids will love it and ask you for more.
Enjoy 2 or more fresh loaves each week – Here. 

How Many Loaves?
Type of Bread

"I just love the White Bread from KneadinBread. My kids hands don't get soaked in jelly anymore because it's a firm white bread. AND the ingredients don't have any High Fructose Corn Syrup. Thank you."   - Rebecca P. in Elk Ridge UT

Italian Three Cheese Bread

When our family started the Kneadin Bread Bakery, we wanted to do a very special bread with “pizzazz”.

We made a special bread that makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever. The kids love it.

It also is perfect for a personal pan pizza. Or served with hot pasta.  ‘Buon appetito’  

How Many Loaves?
Type of Bread

"My son Aiden really likes the Three Cheese Bread from Italy. We oringially bought it for ourselves, as a "date night" treat. But, Aiden loves the cheese on top. Thanks KneadinBread for bringing this recipe to us in Utah."   - James in Utah Valley

Hearty 12 Grain Bread

Get the best tasting grain bread around.

Our special recipe includes: whole wheat flour, rolled oats, barley, red and white wheat, rye, whole oats, buckwheat, tritacale, corn, millet, flax seed, and sunflower seeds. 

You will surely get your fiber in the tastiest form possible…12 grain toast and butter for breakfast.

How Many Loaves?
Type of Bread

Signature 7 Grain Bread With Craisins

The bread is unique in that the freshness of the splitting of the grain kernels into flour happens in a short time before we go-to-the-ovens.

This signature process preserves the nutrition of the grain kernel to a higher degree than in other breads.

We added Craisins to the loaf to give it some fun.

Cheers to heart health. Pick up a few loaves today.     

How Many Loaves?
Type of Bread

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

I heard thru the grape-vine that this all-time classic has been the morning treat of millions of Americans for decades.

Cinnamon + raisins are a great combination. It's the best french toast bread on the market today.

Pull up to your morning breakfast with Cinnamon Raisin Bread and your taste buds will thank you.   

How Many Loaves?
Type of Bread

Kneadin Bread FAQs

All orders include FREE shipping via your local delivery young men and young women.

Is There Any White Flour in Our Wheat Breads?

Answer: No. No white flour whatsoever in the Wheat Breads. 

We use only 100% stone ground whole wheat flour in our wheat breads.

There is white flour in our white bread...of course.

What is the Shelf Life of the Bread?

Answer: Usually if left on the countertop approximately 10-14 days.

Just Amazing...Other store-bought breads don't last that long. That is the advantage of buying direct from the baker.

if the bread is refridgerated, it lasts about a month.

And all without any preservatives what-so-ever.

Is There Any High Fructose Corn Syrup in the Breads?

Answer: No. No high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) whatsoever in the Breads.
We don't use it.

Is There Any Soy, Dairy, Eggs, or Nuts in the Bread?

Answer: No. None of those items are in the Breads. *

Note1: obviously there is dairy in the Three Cheese Bread

Note2: there is wheat in all the breads.

Lolita's Bakery
Get High Quality Rolls and Buns - For Your Next Family Event

Make the Most of Your Family Gathering. Get Your Delicious High-Quality Rolls and Oversized Brioche Buns for Your Hamburgers and Hotdogs. Just Like at the Restaurant. However,...You Can Get These Delivered to Your Home in the Utah Valley.

Artisan Brioche 
Hot Dog Buns

Get these fluffy & thick artisan hotdog buns for your next ball-game party. Also makes awesome meatball subs.

Invite your friends and enjoy a restraunt taste from your own kitchen..."Brioche Style".

Good hot dogs or frankfurters deserve the best-ever buns—like these fluffy, fresh-baked brioche rolls. Enriched golden dough with plenty of dairy-fresh butter and eggs. Just add your favorite toppings.

How Many Bun Packages?

Artisan Brioche 
Burger Buns

For the best burger bombs, you need the ultimate fresh-baked rolls.

These bouncy brioche buns are the best we’ve ever tasted. (and remember, we're bread bakers!)

These buns emerge from the oven light and tender. With slightly soft, shiny brown exteriors.

Just add burgers and fixings!

How Many Bun Packages?

Fine Dinner Rolls

Lolita's fresh-baked dinner rolls are all you need to make any meal extra special.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or Sunday dinner...Light and fluffy...ready for the creamy butter.

Serve your homemade rolls hot from the oven.

How Many Roll Packages?

All orders include FREE shipping via your local delivery young men and young women.

Pure Raw Honey from the Wasatch Front in Utah

Non-Filtered, Non-Heated Cold Extracted, Non-Pasteurized retaining all possible natural antioxidants including: calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, C, D, E, and K as well as many B vitamins; and enzymes. Just the way God intended!

Buy the Best Highest Quality Honey on God's Green Earth. Select Your Size...and Tell Your Friends...We Deliver Right to Your Door.

4.5 oz Honey Jar
10 oz Honey Jar
21 oz Honey Jar
43 oz Honey Jar
What Size Jar Would You Like?

All orders include FREE delivery via your local young men and young women.

3 lbs Honey Jug
5 lbs Honey Jug
5 lbs Honey Tub

Get Fresh Salsa from The Salsa Place in Utah Valley

This exciting *NEW* salsa brand in Utah Valley made from real tomatos grown in Utah Valley. THAT'S keeping it local.

Try 3 mild salsa varieties. You don't have to worry, they aren't super spicy hot.
Kid tested, adult approved.

Classic Red Tomato Salsa

Chips and salsa is THE staple of the ball-game foods.

We usually eat two 16oz jars of this Red Tomato Salsa during a game.  

If you’re going to serve a lot of friends, pick up 2 jars today.

How Many Salsa Jars?
Type of Salsa

Mango Salsa

Get sweet mango fruit + ripe red tomatoes in this unique salsa treat.

We start with deep fleshy mangoes. They’re slow simmered with chunks of flame-roasted yellow peppers, white onions, and splashed with tangy lime.

Order a 16oz Jar each week and enjoy those
at-home date nights.

How Many Salsa Jars?
Type of Salsa

Tomatillo Avocado Salsa

Tomatillo + Avocado is a specialty Mexican salsa.

It is good with chips as a dip and with other Mexicano dishes such as Tacos, Taquitos, Carne Asada and more. 

Pick up a 16oz Jar each week for the kids to eat after school. We's much better than other "snack foods".

How Many Salsa Jars?
Type of Salsa

All orders include FREE delivery via your local young men and young women.

Get Fancy Syd's Kettle Corn in the Utah Valley

Syd's Kettle Corn is a classic in this neck-of-the-woods.

Great for parties with friends and family.  

Businesses love Syd's Kettle Corn too. Take it to your office for an office snack.

Syd's Kettle Corn

Syd's delicious kettle corn recipe tastes great.

I've had other online kettlecorn from competitors that were as tough as a boiled boot. 

Syd's is produced fresh here in Utah Valley and is delivered FREE. 

This crunchy munchy combination is an instant hit.

Large = 32 cups
Medium = 22 cups
Small = 11 cups

How Many Kettle Corn Bags?

All orders include FREE delivery via your local young men and young women.

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